Culture is the national identity!!


Tridjotho `s gallery

Gallery for art lovers of dance in the city of Malang, as well as space for a means of learning and appreciation of the media in particular about the art of dance, good dance from Indonesia or from outside the rear for anyone. As a means and media for learning and beapresiasi this gallery is also a means and media around the world insight into the development of dance and how to learn to dance well, not only that the presence of the media is one of them is the path to answer in terms of learning a person does not have to stop and despair due to distance.

In the Gallery also provides several alternatives for people who are interested to learn to dance and learn about the world of dance. Tridjotho `s gallery in reviewing issues surrounding the world not only dance but also try to review the other arts, both fine art, art teather and other arts, but only limited study of the general nature of which fungsinnya to strengthen references to dance world.

Tridjotho `s gallery comes to try to answer some of the people around who want to learn about kemestaan art of dance and try to maintain an Indonesian cultural values of the sublime from the previous ancestor while keeping the identity of the Indonesian nation. With the motivation that this Gallery there and ready to be a friend and a container for us to learn and explore the art of dance around the world.